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My Ganja Story

If you know me from college, and more importantly, if you served on my Resident Assistant (RA) staff, you know I was a hound when it came to marijuana. You know that stereotypical RA? The one that says "Good Morning!!" way too loud on the resident's first day and is excited about life? That stereotype was me. The one difference being that during my first meeting instead of being like "Drugs are bad! You are freshmen so you're too young to be drinking! Don't do it!" I told them "I know that you're going to do what you want, just don't be stupid about it. Don't do it in the building where I can smell it". I'm not dumb, nor am I judgmental (at least I try not to be) but I am a rule follower, a goody good, the nice girl. No, I have never been to jail, no I have never been written up, no I have never received a speeding ticket...I did get a warning once though.

Regardless! Since moving to Colorado, I have been asked several times by old friend... "Nandi, have you smoked?". Technically the answer is no. I have not smoked pot. I have however vaped and used edibles. *GASP*

Friends, I live in Colorado...the "rules" allow it. No, it is not federally legal, but one day it will be. Maybe another 10, 20 or even 50 years, but just like alcohol, the stigma will fade.

What changed?

I met a guy who worked in the industry. No, he's not a trimmer or budtender (for those of you thinking...wait, what is a budtender? Think bartender but guessed it! bud.) He works for a consulting company that assists those who want to get in but don't know where to start. They are a great resource for anyone looking to get into the industry but have no idea where to start. The cannabis industry is VAST, with so many facets. I mean, think about beer and all the hundreds of varieties, distilleries, microbreweries and all that jazz. Cannabis is just as complex. Some would argue even more so as it can be broken down into a medicinal having no psychoactive effects at all. Hey, look at me talking cannabis... I digress.

Had I not met Tyler, it probably would not really be a part of my life other than the brief period that my aunt worked in pesticides for LivWell. I really did not have much interest in it. Especially, after having busted residents in college for using it. So, here I am, doe eyed, recently graduated, "I'm going to conquer the world", 22 year old and I meet this guy who works in cannabis. Of course he is going to ask me if I want to try it. I was a complete newb and for Tyler that was extremely exciting. I will credit him however and not that he was great at not forcing me to do or try anything. He made it clear that if we stayed good friends or ever started dating and I wasn't into it, that he would be okay with that. Curiously struck after a few weeks of dating and I wanted to try. I very timidly brought his vape to my lips, took an inhale...and coughed...and coughed...and coughed...and died.

RIP Nandi

As you could guess, I was pretty embarrassed and ultimately, I didn't feel anything that night.

The next time that I tired, something happened. We had spent the evening walking around the park, went to get some ice cream at Magil's (Denverites, check out that link. Their ice cream is bomb and the whole place is family run and super cute) and then he took me to a place he had called "spaceship park" since childhood. We sat on a bench from which you could see a sparkling downtown Denver in the chilly moonlight (Awh, doesn't that sound romantic?). This time I took a puff from the vape...and got nauseous. We were still a new thing at this point, dating but not in a relationship, so I was not about to let him know that I was starting to feel sick. Until, I couldn't hide it anymore. I walked away, telling him I wasn't feeling great and needed a minute, got a few steps down the hill, made it to the trash can and let out a huge belch. No upchuck but boy was I embarrassed. Honestly, I'm not sure what caused that bout of nausea, as I can't remember feeling high per say, but I knew I didn't feel normal. Sheepishly, I made it back up the hill and of course he asked me if I was okay, if I was sure, If I needed to go home. I assured him I was fine...and then we had our first kiss.

Hey, if you're going to kiss a girl after she barf belches, you must really like her.

Fast forward, and I can tell you that over time, much time, I have educated myself on dosages, what to take, strains, what they do to my body, when to use, when not to, I know to take a lover dosage before being around company because my goody good self still gets paranoid, and will likely take none at all if I'm going to later be around people. Over time it has become my occasional glass of wine and sometimes and aphrodisiac. I have been to conferences and Sensi Nights, I am learning so much everyday about ALL of the varying benefits and downsides of cannabis. I am an advocate for education. #educateyoself Do NOT come to Colorado and go crazy. Get information, ask your budtender questions... just like alcohol, do it with people you trust, have a designated driver if you are going out or going home. Be smart about your usage or the stigma will never change.

If you have any questions, I encourage you to reach out! Know what you're putting into your temple, no matter the substance.

MJ Biz Con - Las Vegas

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