"Seriously, thank you for actually making me think. You have a gift my dear"

Ashley M.

"My overwhelm and chaos has morphed into inspiration, traction, and direction. She's a friend, coach, guide, sounding board, and cheerleader that I can't stop talking about. Invest in yourself!"

Kaleigh H.

"I’m an inspiring well a lot of things to be honest. Earlier this year I had wrote down some goals and didn’t quite accomplished much until I started my sessions with Nandi. Sessions with Nandi are like a couple a girlfriends talking about life with a side of accountability. She’s the best listener and doesn’t shame you for the way you feel. Instead she encourages you to feel the way you are feeling and guides you in using that feeling to your advantage. With Nandi I am now able to tell myself confidently what I really wanted in life and am able to chase after it. After your talks she gives you some homework but I promise they are worth wild. For me these sessions and assignments allow me to be able to tap into a part of me that’s always been there that I was never able to reach. I am able to achieve goals I set for myself. These sessions places value in my life and that’s why I chose and adore Nandi as my Life Coach. She lays a foundation within you to be able to achieve happiness in life for yourself. She’s my support system but she’s teaching me to be my own support system and in do time because of Nandi I’ll be able to."

Mariah B.

"Nandi has a sensitivity and passion for others and their well-being. She is passionate about what she does and has a great sense of discernment when guiding someone through a situation. She has a gentle form of bringing in new perspective into a fixed situation and she is a great listener. She really shows me that she cares through her transparency of heart. Thank you Nandi"

Carolina P.

"Nandi not only helped me outline and plan out goals and deadlines for my business, but she also got to know me as a person to find out my work style and what helps motivate me. This helped us come up with plans to move forward with my goals that really worked for me! Her personalized coaching style is exactly what I was looking for!"

Kristen S.

"From the first time we spoke on the phone during our consultation Nandi was an amazing listener, patient & truly listened to everything I said. I’ve had therapists, counselors, etc. in the past & have never liked it, I now know why. When I first started seeing Nandi I was in a very dark place in my life. I was very depressed, recently became pregnant & felt like I had no direction with my business & life. After seeing her for just a short time I am happier than ever about my pregnancy & relationship. I’m confident about the direction my business is heading & have a whole new outlook on life. Her goal setting & genuinely cheering me on thru my journey meant more than I could have ever asked for. She would remember the little things I told her & showed a true interest in my personal life & helping me get better. I can’t thank Nandi enough for getting my life back on track. The timing couldn’t have been better & I can’t wait to see what the future holds for motherhood & my business. Thank you so much Nandi!"

Brittani J.

"Nandi is one of the most peacefully positive influential souls I have ever met! You will not be disappointed"


Samantha F.