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Private Coaching

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Life coaching is a great way to receive support during transitional periods in life, when you feel isolated, desire accountability or want support creating a new mindset, hitting your business goals, creating new results in your career, relationships, or your life as a whole.


In private coaching sessions, clients get the opportunity to be fully seen, heard and understood in a private and safe setting. This setting often allows for mental and emotional breakthroughs that had previously been difficult to access. Private coaching is a great way to gain knowledge on ways to authentically help yourself, learn basic neuroscience and build your bounce-back tool-belt. It is where you learn how to get your metaphorical sh*t together so you can create greater joy, impact and income. (Don't worry, we do this with mindfulness and self-compassion)

Together, I work with clients either in small packages or for an entire year to help you uncover stale limiting beliefs, refine and clarify your goals, upgrade your habits and understand why you act the way you do to create new, aligned results in your personal life or business. 

What We Work On in Coaching

Mindfulness | Knowing what is going on in your head

The art of watching your mind and your thoughts. Mindfulness is not always about getting quiet. In my coaching, I teach clients how to be mindful (watch and notice your thoughts without judging them), even amongst the noise. Mindfulness can be used as a tool in a variety of ways, however ultimately it aids my clients in being able to live more conscious and connected lives and make decisions from a place of confidence and clarity.


Mindset | Taking control of your thoughts and positioning them to better serve you

Similar to mindfulness, mindset takes it a step further. After looking at our thoughts, we have to decide what to do with them. Which ones do we keep? What old stale, stinky thoughts do we want to throw away? Who do I want to practice being? Mindset is HUGE for my clients as it takes us out of victim mode, gives us our power back and helps us literally change into the person we want to be.


Body Awareness | Learning how to trust yourself

Have you ever had to slam on your brakes while driving to avoid a collision or accident? Did you ever notice the way your body reacts before your conscious mind does? Our bodies are incredibly intuitive, and when we can learn the language of our bodies, we can more readily work with our nervous system to create elevated  and aligned emotions. 


We live in our bodies, but we don't always use them. I teach clients how to form a deeper and more connected relationship with themselves and ultimately their bodies as I teach clients how to use their bodies as a decision-making and wellness tool when the mind is reciting old stories or projecting new fears. This one is one of my favorites!


Body Care & Wellness | Self-care and compassion

Movement, what you eat, drinking water, supplements or medication you take to help support your physical and mental health. I am not a doctor, but we as adults know what we can do to support optimal mental and physical health. Eating our fruits and veggies, getting enough sleep, moving our bodies and drinking water. If this is an area you would like support, we will work on creating doable habits that you can maintain and be consistent with.

Inspired Action | Building the empire & desired lifestyle

Time to get out of our heads and into the world! While writing affirmations, new thoughts and reflecting via journal prompts are incredibly fun work...we have to put it into action! Together I work with my clients to create clear and authentic action steps, named "growth-work" at the end of every session. It's time to blast past fear and claim your throne, not just in your head, but out in the world. 

Grow Your Vision

Initially, I connected with Nandi for help building a business. What I received far exceeded my expectations! When I judged myself, she taught me to celebrate myself for being aware of who I’m not! When I felt misaligned, she provided me with tools that brought me back to who I’ve always been. When I doubted myself, she helped me remind myself of how worthy and capable I am of achieving my goals. No words can truly express my gratitude for Nandi and how she has changed my life. I am now the proud owner of my own LLC, actively taking clients as a Spacial Life Coach, and am literally seeing my dreams unfold before my eyes. 

- Elle McClain, Spacial Life Coach & Interior Designer

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