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Private Coaching

Private coaching is a great way to receive support during transitional periods in life.


In private coaching sessions clients get the opportunity to be full seen, heard and understood in a private and safe setting. This setting often allows for breakthroughs that had previously been difficult to access. Private coaching is a great way to gain knowledge on ways to authentically help yourself, learn basic neuroscience and build your bounce-back toolbet.

I work with clients either in small packages or for an entire year to help you uncover stale limiting beliefs, refine and clarify your goals, understand why you act the way you do and create new, aligned results.

High Five after Workout

Group Coaching

Want more group support, accountability and to make friends with more growth-minded women? Group coaching provides a safe space for connection, community and collective breakthrough.

Via my hybrid (in-person and virtual events) Meetup Group Get It Girl and a variety of seasonal offerings, I offer short and extended programs to help you help yourself, get clear on your goals and become the boss you know you are.

Women Colleagues

Private Events

Ready to bring a private vision board party to your group? Want to build community without the same old icebreakers? Desire to develop deeper relationships with your team, without you having to lead? 

With private group events, I work with companies and groups of friends and family to design an event specific to your group's needs.

Whether you are looking for intentional, mindful and creative activities or a workshop on"Having Tough Conversations" for your sales team, there is something for every group. 

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