• Nandi

Why You Should "Say Allo" To This New Dating App

As many of you may know, Tyler and I met online about four years ago... but did you know that both my mom and his dad also found love online? (As well as his boss and some of my extended family?) When I talk to women about online dating, I get mixed reviews. Some women agree that its simply the way that people meet these days, others have found it to be creepy and ingenuine while a handful refuses to dip their toe in the water at all.

In this day and age, dating, in general, is daunting. Whether you go out hoping to cross paths with your forever partner at a bar or in a grocery store (which is still possible, I have a friend who met her husband in Whole Foods) or you hope to meet someone special online, there’s still the angst of the initial meeting, overthinking about how to present yourself, and of course the curiosity of if your first meeting will feel like kismet or torture.

Enter Say Allo.

Haven’t heard of it? That’s because this premier dating app got its start north of the border in Montréal, Canada where the app was co-founded with another Denverite. It’s gained traction in LA and NYC, and more recently throughout the Denver Metro with a more mature audience in their early 30’s to 50’s, that matches people based on compatibility and offers a way to date each other without having to get in your car!

I had the opportunity to check out the app first hand, to set up a profile and check out the features of Say Allo. Here were some of my favorite parts...

Detailed Personal Preferences.

Are you non-denominational Christian, Protestant Christian, Hindu, or Muslim? There were so many options when it came to setting up your personal preferences. When on dating apps, I noticed the very basic, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Atheist, Agnostic and other. Say Allo does a wonderful job of really touching on and/or breaking down each religion to meet the needs of our diverse population. It might just be me, but I was really excited about being able to pick “non-denominational Christian” as an option.

Say Allo also goes into areas such as Do you have kids? Want kids? Do you have pets? What is your political standpoint? And when was your last relationship? Of course, you have the option to pass on answering any of these, but answering truthfully only helps in the app’s ability to rank your compatibility with another person.