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Minimalism Journal: Walking Away From BS

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

15 October 2019

I did it! I honestly was not sure that I could but I did it! If you follow my Instagram stories, you know that Tyler and I made a deal that if I could get rid of half my shoes he wouldnt buy me a pair of Rothy's It's interesting. Before my weekend retreat I might not have gotten rid of them. I came back Sunday night and on Monday I easily got rid of 50% of my shoes.

How did I do it? I cut the BS. (Bologna Sandwiches y'all! Keeping it PG)

In all reality, that is exactly what I did. I stopped kidding myself. I took a look at my shoes and said "Okay, this is going to be hard but good for me. What have I not worn in one year?" I keep it cut and dry. Simple and straight-forward. In the weeks prior I did so much bargaining! "Oh but I might wear them now that my style is improving"

"But they're so cute, I'm bound to have a reason to wear them eventually"

"I need pumps in this color - everyone should have a beige pair of pumps"

All. The. Excuses.

Notice that I didn't say that they were bad excuses. They were just excuses. Not going to work out because you had a really long day and a bath sounds good isn't a bad reason...but it doesn't get you any closer to your goal of losing that weight or maintaining healthy habits.

At the end of it all, it felt good. My staff has teenage daughters so I was able to give the shoes to them and hearing how much they love them always makes me smile.

Minimalism, truly committing to getting rid of all the stuff that doesn't add value to my life, is going to be so hard...but it's who I want to be. Being an entrepreneur is no picnic my friends, but it's all I want to do. You have to make the decision if your goal is worth it - you alone. It might not be easy, but the satisfaction I get from transforming again and again but just seeing who it is I can be - is such a gift and worth every tough step.

Where in your life are you bargaining? With the diet? With the exercise? With the self-love? Saving your money? Investing in your mental health? Going on the trip? Leaving your job?

What if you decided to cut the BS and try something new, commit to the date you set with yourself, and follow through with the "some day" goals in your brain?

We have one life my loves. What will you do with it?

With love,


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