• Nandi

Nandi The Minimalist 10.7.2019

Honestly, this is probably a bit too minimalist for me, but you get the point.


I could not tell you what prompted it, so I will just blame God.

I know He/She/It whispers to me in a way that makes sense for me and sometimes it takes a little while for me to get it…but I always do, in time.

I think about Tyler and laugh because God is Divine, She knows the who, what, where, whens and whys of my life. She orchestrates them with such care and precision, at least that is what I have chosen to believe. It feels good to believe it; it serves me to believe that life is happening FOR me instead of to me.

Back to Tyler.

Not many people know this, (and I have asked for his permission to share this) but Tyler was diagnosed with both combined-type ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) as a teen and I bring it up because the combination of the two makes for a very organized, high strung and bouncy human. Where I can see a spoon on the counter and not think much of it, for him, it triggers something in his brain, which requires a response – to tidy. Now, notice that I said “tidy” and not “clean”. Tyler is not a clean person, where as I am clean…but not very tidy.

See how funny God is?

This morning I found myself getting so upset because Tyler has moved both the flat iron for my hair and the slippers I had laid out the night before. Because I did not communicate it to him, when I woke up to get ready, both things were back where they belonged, in their proper places, not where I had left them. Because of the beautiful growth I have received in both my faith and in coaching, I knew that this was an opportunity to be solution-oriented instead of angry and resentful.

First, I got into Tyler’s brain – he put these things away thinking he was going to be helpful. He saw something out of place and was not given an explanation so he put them where they belong. Taking myself from my brain to his works every time. It takes me out of my own mind drama and puts me into a place of compassion. Then, I decided to think of a way that both Tyler and I could win…next time I need to communicate which items I have left out and the reason why.

Sounds tedious, right?