• Nandi

How to Increase Your Grit

During this time especially, many of us have taken advantage of the extra time bestowed upon our weekdays, using the time to take a more concerted effort towards our goals whether that be spending more time with our families or building the business of our dreams. Often, when we begin the pursuit of our dreams we feel immense passion and excitement. We envision the end goal and how we will feel when we get there, finding ourselves fired up!

...and then two weeks go by, and then a six more months pass and somehow, we still have yet to cross the massive finish line we have set for ourselves.

Let me be clear, what I’m talking about are those HUGE goals… the ones that excite you and make you want to throw up all at the same time. As I have found working with my clients (and myself!) again and again is that, at some point, that initial adrenaline rush, that fiery excitement dulls down and we find ourselves greeted with new forms of adversity we did not foresee when we initially dreamed up our dream.

Here’s the thing…the only difference between you, Oprah, Beyoncé, Eckart Tolle and the Tesla CEO (whose name I always forget …Elon Musk?) is that they didn’t quit. They didn’t stop…they had grit.

Personally defined, grit is that stuff that keeps your going when it would be easier to stop. It’s the promise to continue taking action until you get the result that you want. To aid you in the pursuit of grit I have found three things to be extremely helpful…

· Vision

· A compelling why

· Love for the present

Let’s break these down, shall we?


This is my favorite part! This is the part that jazzes me up, gets me going and makes me feel alive. Vision is the space in which you get to go there in your mind. You have lost the weight, built the business, met the person, got the job, took the trip. This is where you get to imagine what it feels like to have accomplished your goal, who you have become, who you talk to and spend your time with, how you spend your time, where you go and live and socialize. Vision is where you expand the possibility of your life. You access what might be possible. Let me tell you something that changed the way I saw my life: if you can imagine it, it’s possible. You would not be given a vision if you could not achieve it. Now yes, do I believe that the initial vision and what we end up creating tend to look a little different in the end? Absolutely! But that’s not the point, the point is to allow