• Nandi

Dear Diary | I Want To Be a Life Coach

I blame Pure Barre and the show “Iyanla: Fix My Life”.

In case you weren’t aware, I am on the hunt for a lifestyle of creative freedom, ongoing learning and the pursuit of wellness. Currently, I serve as the Director of School Age Enrichment for a local elementary school. A position I pined for since first stepping foot into Colorado, post grad.

I would either take a managerial role in a Recreation Center or I was going to be a Director at local school. I had it in my mind that one of the two career options was finna happen, I was on a mission. Flash forward three years and God has blessed me with a Director position…but it wasn’t what I’d imagined. Or maybe it was, and something in me knew this wouldn’t be what I retired on. Whichever the case is, I have been mindfully willing a life outside of set hours and breaking up 8-year-old arguments. Don’t get me wrong, I am beyond blessed to have reached this milestone and have learned so much from working with these kiddos…but I’ve decided that it’s time to work on making a change.

I started with blogging. Grand dreams of within a year being able to live off of my words, and social media posts. I’ve now been blogging “professionally” for just over a year, and I haven’t reached that goal, but I also haven’t let it die. After toying with what I would write about…places in Denver to go to, interviews of entrepreneurs in the area, purely relationship pieces… I found myself again and again coming back to wellness and lifestyle. I enjoy boosting moods, overcoming anxiety and flashing a cute outfit or talking about my home improvements every now and again. I kept coming back to, “let me help someone get over their fears, let me give someone some tips to immediately boost their mood”.

Enter Teresa.

Teresa and I met at a team retreat where she guided us through some vision board exercises and encouraged us all to act on the dreams we taped to our poster boards, truly believing in each of the goals laid out on our vision boards. I ate it all up and was one of the very few to get so engaged that I chocked up whilst telling my story. After she left I felt quite compelled to reach out and schedule a discovery call with her. Asking about whether or not this busy body could really add life coaching to her resume. Teresa confidently said “yes” and I was off!