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Are You Impulsive Too?

I’ve often been called out for my impulsivity. I’m one of those people that will listen to a TED talk to go to a convention and walk out feeling like a brand new person, ready to conquer the world. I’m the type that will fall in love with an idea and immediately start doing research on how to make my mental light bulb into a reality. Almost three years ago I met a guy on a dating app and after just two dates decided to move to a strange new state just to see if it would work out. Highly and dangerously impulsive.

In some instances my impulses have worked in my favor (that relationship did indeed work out and that strange new state is now my home) and in others, my impulsivity has gotten me into some situations I wasn’t as pleased with where I’m left thinking “hindsight is 20/20”. In the next 3 bullets I highlight some of the ways in which I have learned to control and cope with my knee-jerk personality…

  • Do not be ashamed of your passion for life. Yep, that’s what I’m calling my impulsivity… a “passion for life”. Raised in a military home, I became quite accustomed to change and as such can pick up and go, move, be anywhere at any time. Thus feeding my comfort with quick decisions. Don’t beat yourself up for your sudden reactions. You were wired this way for a reason. My gut reaction to try things out with Tyler has ended being one of the biggest and best decisions of my life. Over time I have simply learned how to balance my gut with my head.

  • Bounce your ideas off of someone you trust. Thank God for friendship. I would probably be overwhelmed like I was in college, trying to have my hand in everything if It weren’t for some of my friends. If you’re like me, with a new idea everyday of something to do, try, or create…not all of your ideas are all that. Chances are that there are probably some poor decisions wrapped up in there. Next time that lightening bolt hits you, run it by bestie (or even better, an older relative) and get another perspective.

  • Examine all angles. Because I recognize the constant influx of ideas that hit me, I have learned to sit on it and think about all of my options before making a matter how exciting the idea is. This doesn’t mean that after examining all options and executing, it will for sure work. It simply allows you to see how feasible your idea is or if there are other options before making a plunge. This can come in the form of making a pros an cons list, doing some research online or journaling all of your thoughts surrounding the idea. Instead of immediately purchasing that tent in front of you at REI maybe you check out the competitors and do some research on Amazon 😉

Living with an impulsive personality can be hard. Sometimes I want to jump on a plane to a random city, sometimes it is simply seeing a dress in a boutique that I suddenly need and other times it comes in the form of a new business idea. You ideas can help you to live, thrive and be inspired, however don’t allow them to create negative habits and control your life. Taking a step back and being mindful about your choices will certainly assist in carving out the life that your heart truly desires.

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