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Jealousy & Pie

Ever heard of “A Course in Miracles”? It’s my current read/listen (it should probably just be “listen” but I’m still getting used to not actually reading books) on Audible. The version I am listening to is a conference held by Marianne Williamson in which she goes over the principles in A Course in Miracles and answers questions from conference participants.I was initially drawn to the book while listening to a snippet of Gabrielle Bernstein’s first novel Spirit Junkie. In it she recalls reading A Course in Miracles and references Marianne. So instead of listening to Bernstein’s book first, I decided to check out one of her sources of inspiration.

While listening, several notes have stood out to me, reshaping the way in which I perceive myself and others as well as how I react and sort through various situations. Despite the plethora of information and advice, one thing has stuck with me. When speaking on the topic of jealously, Marianne notes that jealousy is the illusion that someone else has your piece of pie as there is only so much. In jealously we assume that there is not enough to go around, so we covet what someone else has.

I sat for a moment after that comment as I realized this was how I had been feeling. As both a new blogger and new Event Exec for Alice’s Table I was in competition mode. I gave respect to those who had astronomically more followers than me and felt as if those with numbers closer to my own were my competition to which I need to catch up to and hopefully surpass.I write this all feeling pretty embarrassed for my selfish thoughts, but in hopes that I am not alone in my competitive thinking. Once I heard those words from Marianne, I realized that I was simply living an illusion of “there are only so many people who will follow and give their attention to so many blogs” it was as if a weight had been lifted.

Whatever your dreams, aspirations or goals are, while we do live in a competitive world and we are each required to work hard to excel, know that your efforts are not in vain. Know that the girl who has the recognition you want is not the only one who can earn it. Know confidently, that there is enough pie to go around to all that prove the dedication and hunger for. God made enough pie for errbody, in every flavor for every season.

No worries girl, your neighbor can have cake and you can eat some too.



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