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Compare Me Not

I had no idea how challenging blogging was actually going to be. In my mind, I would write a witty story every month, take some pretty pictures and eventually make money doing so. I started the process without doing much research to be honest, I was so excited just to begin. After starting my blog and realizing that I had much to learn I started getting more serious and decided to do my research. As I started doing more research I also started seeing and following other bloggers. Oh my goodness Batman, theses ladies are BAD @$$ ES. And the comparisons started rolling in.

I suddenly felt the need to take better pictures, do a better job with my makeup, my clothes felt shabby, my content was not as strong...the list went on. Now, thank God I had already been well into the works with my self-awareness and understanding the power behind owning our personal brand. While I felt small and unimportant in comparison, deep down I knew that each of these ladies had worked incredibly hard building their following and brand. I too, would have to work hard to get to where they were.

Because we are human, we fall prey to comparisons far more often than we should. Try keeping these thoughts in mind the next time the comparison bug comes creeping up your spine...

1. Recall your intentions.

When building a personal brand or business, we begin with a strong personal reason. Something that applies only to us. Something that makes us tick and is ultimately the driver behind what we do. For me, writing was a way in which I thought I could help people. We are each trying to discover our own hidden path, but if I could help people in that discovery process through the joy that writing brought me...well, that was a win win. When you start to look around at the competition and remember why you started in the first place. What about your business makes you thrive? Why are you passionate about what YOU do?

2. Know that we are all puzzle pieces.

I firmly believe that we are all specifically designed in a way that allows us to all fit perfectly. We each have God given skills, things that come more natural to us, and things that are trickier to wrap our heads around. Together we all fit perfectly. I have a student that is a whiz engineer and he is only 8 years old. He put together a floor plan made of cardboard pieces he's cut out...there's even a Murphy bed! At his age I was designing clothes in my notebook, climbing trees and writing in my diary. Each of us is designed specifically, for specific purposes. Instead of dimming your light, shine it a little brighter, someone is in need of your natural gifts.

3. True queens fix each other's crowns. Don't be afraid to ask for advice.

This one was especially helpful for me. After playing the comparison game I decided to turn it around and reach out to some of these more successful ladies. To my surprise they were incredibly kind and helpful. This in turn gave me confidence and more knowledge on the areas in which I'd struggled with. Do not be afraid to ask for tips, advice or assistance. Meet for coffee and make a new friend! Instead of letting those around you make your fearful, reach out and make them your friends. We are all constantly learning.

Regardless of where you are in your personal or business journey, always remember that it is just that - a journey. One that you are not the only on in the midst of. Despite whatever glamour you see, we each have gone through or may be going through our very own season of adversity. No one's life is perfect, no matter how well we can edit photos.

Stay true,


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