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Love Your Skin From Within

It’s amazing how much the complexion of our skin affects our confidence. As a middle and high school student I remember those yucky red blotches making me cringe when I saw myself in the mirror and feel unworthy when speaking to certain people. I was envious of my best friend who had beautiful skin, having approximately one break out (and that meant a single pimple) a year. Even at a young age I knew then that I would do all that I could to protect and heal my skin. I imagined being an adult with a clear, even toned face; confident in public, unashamed of my complexion and ready to age gracefully.

While I absolutely love love love all of my LUSH Cosmetics products that keep my skin well-kept and healthy, my skincare regimen starts before I put anything on my face.

My steps to clear, healthy, gracefully aging skin…

Drink water

This is probably the best thing you can do for your entire body, but especially your skin. When I lived in Florida, drinking water was no problem, it’s hot there all the time. But when I moved to Colorado, drinking anything cold only brought my temperature down. Despite this struggle, I visibly notice a difference in both my skin and hair when I have had a series of good water days, versus when I haven’t taken in enough agua.

Eat well

Pay attention to your breakouts; when they happen and what your daily diet looks like. Often, breakouts can be triggered by certain foods. I have met many people who know that after eating too many chips or fatty foods, their skin often breaks out. (drinking lots of water helps to mitigate this problem!) We all know that eating fruits and veggies are good for our insides, turns out, it is just as important for our “outsides” as well.

Clean your makeup brushes

This is one that most women are told, but usually forget. WASH. YOUR. BRUSHES. When purchasing from Ulta, or MAC, make sure you ask how your brush should be washed. My mother always used MAC and I remember the makeup artist telling her that she could wash her brush with shampoo (at the time, brushes were made from boar’s idea if that is still true). Should you be washing with dish soap? Is hand soap going to ruin the brush? Do some digging for best practice when washing your makeup brushes… your skin will thank you.

Use the right products for your skin type and your climate

When I lived in Florida, dry skin was never a thing. Humidity rules and skin is never thirsty, therefore, I was quite particular about what lotion I put on my face. Nothing too moisturizing or I risked having gigantic pores. Here in Colorado however, my skin is forever thirsty. To combat this I have to ensure that I am not only giving my skin moisture from the inside (water) but I also am giving my skin extra moisture from the outside. Learn about your skin. Whether you have rosacea (skin prone to redness), break out around your lady days, have oily skin or sensitive...take notes and make observations so you can ask informed questions when shopping for skincare products.

Best practice

  • After working out, wash your face! This is a great time to clean out your pores because they are wide open! (unless you were in a cool swimming pool). As you sweat, your body is pushing dirt out of your pores and when you finish working out, if you don’t wash your face, all of that dirt will sit on your skin.

  • After washing your face or plucking your eyebrows, close those pores! Good practice to get into after washing or plucking is rinsing your face with cool water. This closes up your pores and makes it more difficult for dirt to get in

  • Exfoliate no more than 3 times a week. While it can feel fantastic getting a good scrub in, too much exfoliation can dry out your skin causing your skin to overcompensate and create excess oils because you have stripped too much away. Space out exfoliating.

  • Have toner or micellar water on hand. Sometimes we don’t feel like doing the whole shebang, whether we are too tired or we just aren't in the mood to break out all of our skincare products. Having toner or micellar water makes washing your face a little easier. While you may not get a deep clean, these products are great at removing dirt that is resting on your skin’s surface

Some of my favorite LUSH cosmetics products

  • Mask of Magnanimity - (featured in photos) use for exfoliation, pulling dirt from pores and clean getting that clean minty feeling

  • Ocean Salt - use for exfoliation. I use this one specifically for when I shave. Using this product before shaving raises your hair for a cleaner shave. Added benefit, use again after shaving to clean pores and help prevent ingrown hairs.

  • Cosmetic lad - this a great lotion if you are looking for something light. Seriously calming for the skin, the aloe and lavender in this product is great for sensitive skin

  • Kalamazoo - meant as a beard cleanser, I love using this one all over my face. This cleanser has pineapple in it that is brightening to skin and leaves me feelings lovely and fresh for the day ahead

This is NOT an extensive list. I love love love LUSH, so if you are curious about any other recommendations, let me know! I’d love to fill you in. Their site is also quite helpful.

Love note to you:

Wherever you are in your skincare journey, know that your beauty cannot be determined by anyone but yourself. Don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. The Universe made you the way you are; perfectly and specifically crafted. Don’t ever let anyone devalue you. Keep on the search to find your aloha, find your happy and shine.

With love,


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