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What I'm reading: Originals - How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant

Seeing as I still know less than one percent of the Colorado population, I decided to join Meetup so that I could meet more people, network, and learn. Learn? Yes, learn. There are a handful of groups on that are educational. What I'm trying to learn about- business marketing.

But Nandi, you got your degree in Education.

Yes, thank you for the reminder.

Two years post grad and I'm now interested in business. I'm interested in branding, marketing, building myself and my blog up. I am also toying with the idea of opening up my own business one day. So! I joined a group called "Bad B*tch Entrepreneurs"* (oh yes I did!...Full disclosure, I have not made it to a meeting yet). While chatting with the group's organizer, it was recommended to me that I read "Originals How Non-Conformists Move the World" by Adam Grant. Reading this "business inspiration" book for me has been like reading a really interesting text book. Much, if not all of the book is research based. Adam uses a variety of real events to highlight the ups and downs of being first in the industry (any industry), how quality often comes from quantity and incredibly more.

Why you should read it:

If you are looking into being a business professional, beefing up a business you already have, sharing a new idea or platform with the world, Grant gives some great research based advice on when, why and how you should do it. He has taken the time to review countless studies and stories and talked to numerous professionals and doctors to give you the best advice on standing out as a non-conformist in our ever changing world. It is not a check list of: first you do this, then this, do not do that, and abra-cadabra your business will succeed! Grant notes that everything is relative, that things change and that there is no list of tasks one must complete to be great. However, he states what have proven to be best practices.

Who I would recommend this book to:

Entrepreneurs, those with great ideas looking into entrepreneurship or people who enjoy history, branding and marketing.

Where I fall:

Looking into entrepreneurship. I also love the idea/concept of "non-conformists" and their (our) role in history as well as the future.

If you choose to read this book, let me know what you think in the comments section on the "books" main page. Grant's work is sure to reshape your business brain (:



*the meet up group has since been closed and Haley Powers (organizer) has chosen to use her Facebook page as a way to interact with the community and set up meetings

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