• Nandi

A Guide to Writing Affirmations

If you clicked on this post it’s likely you have heard the term, read it somewhere in a self-help book, heard your favorite coach talk about it in her Instagram story or use them yourself. As we all grow more accustomed to self-improvement being an important piece of our lives, buzz words/phrases like balance, mastermind, spirit, meditation, live your best life, breathe, positive affirmations and a handful of others have become so much more commonplace. And to be honest, as much as I hear them, I’m still not tired of a single one. I love the growing consciousness in our communities and pray it only grows more and more with the passing days.

In this post I’ve chosen to focus on one in particular – positive affirmations.

What are they?

Sayings, phrases, paragraphs, one or two words that positively affirm the life you have/are creating.

Are you more confused now?

Positive affirmations can come in the form of gratitude statements, making clear to the Universe/God and yourself what you are grateful for. Why you are smiling today, despite all the reasons you could come up with not to.

Example: I am so grateful for my loving partner who gets up every morning when my alarm goes off to turn off the cool fans and turn up the heat, in order to ease my morning experience. I love how kind and thoughtful this seemingly small act is. It makes me feel loved and cherished to have a partner who pays attention to the details of my life.

(true story, Tyler does this for me every week day after my alarm goes off at 4:30am)

See how something so small becomes so profound? I could have said “I’m so grateful for my loving partner” but instead I chose something specific and expounded on how it makes me feel. When creating a gratitude affirmation choose something that is specific, give details and state what about this makes you grateful. Our affirmations become so much more meaningful whe