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Faith Forward Future | Chad Veach

As much as we can hope for the future; foster dreams of great success, whatever that looks like to you… as much as we can pine for a family, a beautiful home, lovely photos, maybe a thriving business with fantastic employees and 10,000 plus followers on all of our social media platforms, if we continue to look back, wonder what if and wish we could relive our pasts and try again - our present and future will remain stagnant.

Over and over I found myself looking over my shoulder, thinking back to my life in Florida, wondering what would have happened if I hadn’t come out to visit Colorado almost three years ago. What if instead of being impulsive, I kept my lease and stayed planted exactly where I was. What if I had tried teaching in South Florida before trying to teach in Arvada. What if? What if? What if?

It became a constant battle between looking back and trying to move forward. I found out that I was not going anywhere so long as I kept looking into my past. For me, looking back turned into depression. I was unhappy with where I was because in my mind, I was much happier before making the move to Colorado. I had gone from warm weather and maxi dresses to four seasons and a sense of loneliness. I deeply missed my friends and immediate family. As most of you know, this prompted my want to seek therapy, I needed to move past my past in order to build the beautiful future I deeply hoped for.

While there are still days where being homesick can feel like an actual sickness I have learned how to move past these feelings by recognizing how immensely blessed I truly am. In this journey I have also taken to reading inspirational literature. My latest read? Faith Forward Future by Chad Veach.

To be honest, no one had told me to read this book. It wasn’t in the first page or listed among the most popular novels to read right now. Instead, I decided to search books on moving forward. I wanted to listen to a book (preferably with a faith base) that would encourage me to shake off the bad habit of mourning what was. Thank God, I chose right.

Faith Forward Future does a fantastic job of being practical, uplifting and informational. Whether or not you are a Christian, there are several stories in the bible that over time have simply become common knowledge. What Veach does is take those common stories, dig a little deeper and show you how God is ready to bless you in ways you cannot imagine...but first, we have to let go of our pasts and step into the beautiful life waiting for you in Christ.

Did you know that Samson was made blind by his enemies? Now, I knew he had mystical hair that held his strength, was tempted by women and let this weakness in fact make him weak (getting his hair cut and losing his power) but I did not know that in his last moments he was able to turn it around and indeed fulfill the dream He and God has once shared? Again and again Chad highlights ways in which Christ has lead men and women in the bible to their dreams, which in fact are God’s dreams for our lives.

Okay, but how do I apply this to my business? What does this have to do with wellness and entrepreneurship?


Whoever you are, whatever your business, your dream, your belief cannot and will not be successful in your future if you are unable to move past downfalls of your past. If you are always looking back and trying to come up with what you could have done differently. If you would rather be in college again, reliving a now dead relationship. If you are unable to walk away from what was you cannot experience the fullness of what is and what will be. Chad highlights all of this in Faith Forward Future, having gone through this himself. He leads with a relationship that he knew in his heart needed to end, something he had held onto for far too long, and after ending it, had a difficult time seeing where he was to go go from there.

We all experience highs and lows, moments of desperation and ultimate confusion on the direction of our lives. That doesn’t mean that we are permanently stuck. If you are looking for a daily pick me up and coach to moving into the life God has promised you; one that is full and prosperous. I invite you to read (or listen to) Faith Forward Future by Chad Veach. Wake up those hopes and dreams, shake off your past and walk faithfully into the future that awaits.

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