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How To Raise Your Frequency and Why You Should Care About It

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Regardless of if you find yourself to be a crafty person or not, we as human being feel so much better in our most creative space. This includes listening to our favorite music, doodling with our favorite gel pens, dancing at the local summer festival, stretching it out in your deepest yoga pose, writing poetry, molding with clay, decorating a home…the list is truly endless. Creativity lives in the space of personal and natural freedom, a place that brings us to a state of high frequency. When I said this phrase the other day, a friend of mine asked me what I meant. “Raise your frequency?”

Raising your frequency simply means raising your energy and bringing yourself to a state of blissful vibration. Don't get caught up on the words - frequency and vibration, in the simplest terms, is putting ourselves in the state in which we feel the happiest, most alive, excited, energetic, inspired and getting to this state looks different for everyone.

When deciding what to do to promote those happy feelings and overall blissful state, choose something that makes your feel good naturally. I say this because although it is creative and can feel inspiring to dance, this may feel extremely freeing for one person and extremely stressful, boring or painful for another. We are all wired uniquely and it is important to find the creative space(s) that ignite your soul.

Ever been in a job you didn’t like? You feel frustrated or disrespected. Maybe the smell of the space made your skin crawl or the uniform made you feel less than. We feel the exact opposite when we are in our creative and inspiring spaces of choice.

When I put together an outfit that makes me feel stylish, comfortable and colorful, muted, whatever color palette I’m feeling that day, I feel good. Putting together a good outfit is such a fun and uplifting outlet for me. When we live in this raised, pleased, free space we let the universe know that we want more of this. We attract like energy.

Why is attracting like energy important?

The more negative you are, the less inspiring life is, period. You negate blessings that were headed your way, miss opportunities that are right in front of your face and keep yourself trapped in your low frequency. When we elevate our frequency, and this could be as simple as getting that sweater you’ve been looking at for weeks (I mean, just imagining how happy I would be doing that makes me happy), we let the Universe know what it is we want. We are able to more readily identify our blessing and walk around in such a better state of being.

Last week after feeling a bit kicked around by work and ultimately focusing on the gap between where I am and where I want to be, I decided to raise my frequency by cutting out photos and quotes from some of my magazines and put them up on the cork board in my home office. Now every time I walk up the stairs or turn around in my desk chair, I am met with uplifting quotes like “I have met myself and I am going to care for her fiercely” and photos of women I look up to and I home I hope to one day be able to comfortably afford.

Keep your sights and emotions high people! Nothing great happened by laying low.

What can you do today to raise your frequency? Below I have listed some ideas to help you along the way…

  • Watch your favorite TV show showcasing bad ass boss women. Think about the things in them that inspire you and what attributes you want to own.

  • Create time for cooking. Put on your favorite playlist, sip on some wine, grab your cannabis vapor pen (Whichever fits your fancy), and allow yourself to spend time jamming, mixing and relaxing in the kitchen

  • Sit and paint. Don’t worry so much about the outcome as much as the process. Enjoy the colors, the varying sizes of brushes and the way being creative makes you fee

  • Just dance. Literally. Sometimes this is my favorite way to get the juices flowing. I love putting on my favorite songs, belting or rapping them out and moving my body however it feels like moving.

  • Listen to an audio book and do laundry. This one may not seem all that exciting but on some days, getting chores done while listening to an inspiring book, stopping to take notes when something profound is said, makes me feel like I’m on my way to having it all together.

  • Take a Zumba class. OR pilates, or barre, or spin or yoga. Whatever your favorite form of exercising is, do it! Most of the time the hardest part is getting out butts in the car and getting there. Once you’re there and in the groove, the happy hormones start flowing.

  • Walk around your favorite neighborhood. My sister has always loved looking at model homes and driving through lavish neighborhoods. I think it inspires her, gives her ideas as to how she’d like to style her home and ultimately gives her something exciting to work towards. I’m definitely a sucker for driving through a beautiful neighborhood. Inspiration all around!

Whatever fits your fancy, do more of it. Attract the life you want. This isn’t just about – wish and you shall receive it. It’s about putting yourself in a position to be your most creative, most receptive to new ideas and blessings. Putting yourself in position to make the perfect catch. There’s always work to be done to get you there, but you certainly aren’t getting anything done in a slumped state. So go forth and get creative, have fun, do all the things that make you happy. It’s all a part of this big beautiful journey, might as well make the best of it.



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