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As of October | Swimming in Gratitude

When I first started writing my original blog “presently” my blog posts were essentially lifestyle pieces that I tied into wellness. I would talk about my relationship, my job, really anything going on in my life, then tie it all up with a happiness bow at the end.

I miss doing that.

As of late, my blog posts have been very “how-to” wellness and I wanted to change it up to give you a look into my very real, very messy, doing my best, life. (For the summation/moral of the whole thing, scroll down to the very last paragraph) I’m writing this now from my desk upstairs in the loft. WHAT A DREAM COME TRUE. We have lived here for over a year and the only use this space has gotten has been storage and me running up when I need some space during a “heated discussion”.

For some reason, I’ve gotten very…excited?... about basically everything in my life. I blame Jen Sincero and her self-help book “You Are a Badass”. In it, she talks about expressing gratitude in your waiting space as you aspire for more as well as sprucing up the space around you in order to get yourself in the mindset of attracting awesomeness. It’s my guess that those tips on combination inspired my newfound excitement for really moving into our condo. There are so many things that have just been left undone. We have a fireplace for example, which has never been used because we have yet to mount the TV above it so it instead sits directly in front of it on a massive glass TV stand. I finally decided I was over it and pushed Ty to help me get a mantle to go over the fireplace, so we could then mount the TV and voila! be able to use the fireplace. Within a few weeks he had ordered one. It just came in and will be our project next weekend. I also made a big push for us making the loft into my home office. Hence my excitement now writing from my desk…in my very own home office! It is still definitely in the baby phases, I want to have artwork and quotes and my vision board all hanging up, a hat rack and a studio for shooting videos but MAN OH MAN am I so thankful for this desk. (Check out "projects" highlight on Instagram for updates)

In other news, I have come to accept that I love my pixie cut! If you’ve followed my Instagram, you’ve come across a caption or two of me publicly claiming that I’m growing it out. In all honesty, I really was trying to grow it out. It had gotten longer than it has in a really long time…but I couldn’t find a reason for growing it out other than “my sister wants me to”. Clearly, I love my sister dearly. Countless friends have heard me say “I’m going to grow it out” or that I currently am, but every time I saw someone with a pixie cut, I gawked, knowing I was literally inches away from having the same cut. I’m probably just lazy. But don’t you think it’s nice to have easy hair to do? It takes me maybe 5 minutes to have a really cute look. I think it also has something to do with the fact that my hair is so extremely thin…wearing it long just starts making it look stringy. So, I walked my happy butt to Great Clips, showed the stylist my Pinterest picture and got ‘er done!

If you read this rambling blog post, thank you so much! Part of the joys of having a platform of your own is being able to express yourself however you wish. All of this rambling to say I am living so deeply in gratitude and can I tell you, it’s addicting. These little things…a desk in the loft and a few more inches off my head are such small acts that feel huge because I’ve chosen to switch my ongoing perspective to one of true gratefulness. It’s a lot like meditating. Maybe you can only do it for a minute at a time here and there…but over time, your ability to sit still and clear your mind becomes easier. Same goes for living in gratitude. Everything can be made positive, and living with a happy heart makes living all the sweeter, dontcha think?

Also grateful for: local fairs and festivals!

Cider Days, October 7, 2018

Belmar Park, Lakewood, CO

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