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Molly & Meriah | GHC Studio

You know when you want to dress down, but not too down? Effortless, but the effortless that is still cute? A top that transitions well from playtime with kids to coffee with a friend? Molly and Meriah know exactly what you’re talking about, and thus, GHC Studio was born.

Let’s start by breaking down the name.

Gratitude Happiness Create...GHC!

Molly and Meriah are two strong willed women who believe that when you give thanks and live happily, you create. At least, that’s what they have done. Molly and Meriah originally met at a university as Admissions Advisors, soon becoming great colleagues and friends. As each of them left the university, they kept in touch, supporting each other through their latest life changes of marriage and kids. Molly, now with two little ones of her own, was bit by the entrepreneur bug early on. While she had spent the majority of her life in corporate America, she always itched for something more, claiming “I always wanted to start a business”. However, it was not until 2016 after having her children that Molly decided to take a chance and try her hand in entrepreneurship.

Molly: “I looked for inspiration on Pinterest”

As she pursued her pinterest feed, she looked for creative pieces that struck her fancy until she stumbled upon photos of clothing. As she thought about what her take would be on the fashion industry she contemplated what she herself would want to purchase. Eventually it came to her, apparel with fabric accents and funky pockets. Simple, stylish, practical. Excited about her newfound idea, she reached out to Meriah, pitched the business and brought her on board. “Meriah is really good at the technical stuff”. Molly remarked, noting that she and Meriah balance each other out well. While Molly searches for the fabrics and nails down the perfect cut, Meriah handles more of the marketing and website management.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Scroll pinterest until you’re inspired, find a good partnership, nail down and awesome product, build a website and voila!

If only.

Both Molly and Meriah have worked incredibly hard balancing their lives. They have managed to build a business through Meriah being a newlywed, Molly being a new mother, both ladies working full time jobs, and handling all that life have thrown their way. While the journey has been r