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Aurora | Mint & Serif

You can never have enough coffee shops, or as I like to call them "think spots", am I right? Turns out, on Colfax in Lakewood there was not even one! I'm sure there is a Starbucks somewhere in there, but the locals hungered for something more personal. Enter Aurora of Mint & Serif...

N: Where did you get the name Mint & Serif?

Aurora (A): I love all things mint and serif is a font type.

Aurora told me that when she thought about opening a coffee shop, she imagined a place for people to create. She looked to build a home for community, and boy has she. Celebrating their one year anniversary this December the community has welcomed Mint and Serif with open arms. Aside from driving by her location several times, I was referred to her by William of All Its Own, just down the street from her location. You can tell immediately the love that these small businesses have for one another. No competition, just loving support.

Like most of the business owners I have spoken to, Aurora never intended on owning a coffee shop. "My friend Michelle owns the salon next door. She told me that the area was in need of a coffee shop and she wanted me to do it." Now, Aurora had visited many coffee houses in her lifetime but had never fathomed she would open her own. Aurora was a stay-at-home mom, loving the day to day efforts of child rearing, but when her friend pitched her the opportunity, she went for it.There were skeptics in her family, but despite any backlash, she kept with her gut, decided to take the plunge and became an entrepreneur. It did not take long before her entire family was by her side, ready to support her where ever she needed the help. Aurora says, "It really didn’t take long for everyone to jump on board. This whole shop from the beginning has been a full family effort. Mint & Serif wouldn’t be where it is today without the whole family." She quickly had to learn about permits, had issues with the contractor, had to meet with an architect, etc. Did you know that when you are planning to open a new space that an architect will come in to advise you on how many outlets, sinks, chairs and tables you are supposed to have (this will vary depending on the type of business you plan on opening)? I didn't.

When you walk into Mint & Serif you know immediately that this place was curated with love and vision of community. Along the walls are artwork created by local artists, on the tables are succulents in cement pots from All Its Own. Even the bathroom has character!

Aurora says that the last year has been "Super amazing! The community has been so welcoming. The city council and mayor support us, I am fully passionate about it and I love bringing people together." Although she claims that she is not a morning person, she has sincerely enjoyed coming into her shop each day and interacting with patrons. Looking forward Aurora would like to grow the back patio space, making it a welcoming place for events and live music. She would also like to add a garden, get a beer and wine license and see where it all takes her.

Aurora has three little girls and a husband that love her so much and have supported her throughout the whole process, along with her cousins who help her run the show. No matter who you are or what stage you are in life, Aurora proves that even with a growing family (her youngest is three) you can do what feels impossible. Her advice to other entrepreneurs?

"Go in. Ask questions. Answers will be given."

Your best advocate is you. Go get 'em tiger! Want to check out their website? Click on any photo!

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