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As I have gotten older it seems less and less people do resolutions, as if it has become "uncool" or rather, it is not "trending". To be honest, I don't see a problem with a resolution. It's a goal; since when is having goals uncool? Maybe it is simply the term resolution that needs updating.

I know that for me, resolutions have become heavy and really, just unrealistic because of the volume of resolutions I have chosen in the past... "I'm going to eat better, exercise more, paint more, carve out more quiet time" yada yada All great intentions, but it truly is a lot to constantly keep track of and as we all know, most New Years gym peeps lose interest after a month or less. So! For the past few years I have instead chosen to follow a mantra. A saying or a word to guide me through the year ahead. Short, sweet, powerful. For both 2016 and 2017 I have had a strong focus on "Be"; to simply be present in each moment. Ever since moving to Colorado, that has been a big challenge for me. When you go from sand and vacation lifestyle to all four seasons and no friends, it can be difficult to be present. I found myself yearning to be at the beach instead of putting on boots in the fall, wanting to be with my friends on Friday nights where I felt alone. Yes, I have Tyler and family near, but there's nothing quite like your ride or die squad and game night (yeah, we were cool). I have been blessed with great friends and being so far away from them has been incredibly hard. The thing was, and still is...I have an even harder time seeing myself without Tyler...and Tyler is in Colorado. Boo and hiss all you want, but as it turns out, Coloradans are pretty stubborn. My grandmother did the same to my Grandpa "You leave Colorado. You leave me too". And Selena Gomez's song writers said it best "The heart knows what it wants".

Years ago when I started my "Presently" blog it was built on my mantra "Be" and I have worked incredibly hard on that for two years now. Moving into 2018 I have not quite pinned down what my one word or phrase is just yet but I am teetering between Nike's "Just Do It" and the simple word "Discipline". While focusing on being present in my body and with my life for two years, I have tunnel visioned myself in some sense. Time and time again my sister has complained about me not being as communicative as she would hope. Too many times has she called, I miss it and forget to call back, but remember to post on Instagram. Too many times have I told myself to go to the gym, but have decided not to because I don't feel like it. Too many times have I forgotten to go to the young adult fellowship night at my church...guys, its every single Thursday night. And the biggest of all, I have wanted to volunteer - feed the homeless, sing to the elderly, build homes...whatever...for two years now and I may have volunteered once...maybe twice.

The theme here is that I would really like to hunker down and check off some more boxes instead of scrolling my life away, Nothing wrong with checking up on friends, strangers and celebs on social media BUT I would like to spend as much time on the phone with my sister, in the gym, at lunch with my grandpa and giving back to my community as I do online. I could finish a book each month! (Don't make fun, I have never been a fast reader).

So to you friends, I hope that you set a goal or two for the year ahead, but I suggest that you make it concise. No one needs to understand it but you. Maybe your word is "sun" and for you that means spending more time outside or going for a morning walk every day, who knows. Ultimately, it is your word, your year and your choice.

Happy New Year to you and yours! Swag confidently into 2018

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