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Welcome Letter

Hitting the refresh button on my blog and doing it right! (I hope).

When I first started writing my last blog "Presently" I was stoked. Recently graduated, recently moved and recently courted, I was living in a white fluffy cloud of "I'm a college grad! Nothing can touch me!". A sort of bliss of my newfound life; paired with handfuls of curiosity of where my post-grad life would lead. As time passed, reality hit and I entered a term of depression. My teaching job was not what I had expected, I was missing the sunshine state, craving dates with my friends, yearning for family time and I realized that being in a committed relationship required a lot more commitment than I had anticipated. My rose tinted glasses faded and I was left with what I thought were the truths of adult life: financial strife, working out of necessity (instead of sincere passion/joy), and a lack of optimism. I felt like a completely different person than the one who started the "Presently" blog.

Enter choice.

We are all told "happiness is a choice"...that you can choose to be positive, that you can make the decision to make your life better and that your mental climate is completely up to you. While I agree with those sentiments, I have also come to understand that certain transitions in life can just be plain hard. Even though you made an effort to get out of bed and make a delicious cup of coffee, you may still be working for a company that makes you feel unappreciated and taken advantage of and while you may have heard a great message at church, you may still quietly struggle with maintaining strong mental health. Life is tough.

Despite all the mess in my brief two years in Colorado, I have gained so much more knowledge than I would have ever imagined. I've learned (and I am still learning) how to manage finances, transition from the college bubble to the "real world", what being in a healthy/committed/adult relationship is all about, how to house hunt effectively, pin-pointing what is important and what is not (still a learning process), building self-esteem, why speaking up is so important and how not to let the world beat you up. Above all, I have learned to ride the wave; doing my personal best to thrive in happiness, however understanding that life is life, so keep pushing. That being said, I am back with a refreshed heart and a new set of eyes (metaphorically of course) in an effort to give y'all some pointers so you can avoid some of the pitfalls I have encountered.

What you can expect:

The objective of this blog is to inspire, educate and motivate. Whether you know what your calling is, you're curious about alternate career paths or you just need a pick-me-up message after a long day, I aim to make this blog one which enriches your life. I will be writing on topics that relate to my own journey, and sharing what I have learned or felt along the way. Under the bosses tab you will be able to explore a variety of career paths through the eyes of leaders (known here as "bosses") in the community. And under "books" you can keep up with my reads and decide whether or not it would be a good read for yourself--or just read my version of cliff notes and call it read ;)

I hope you will join me.



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