• Nandi

William | All Its Own

Have you ever been driving along a road with shops and then you see one that stands out? One that you are immediately drawn to; you just need to see what is inside? That was All Its Own for me. "There's this store I want to go to. I don't know the name but its by that bridal store- it looks really cool and we've never been in it". Tyler had no idea what I was talking about but he played along.

We entered the small shop on Colfax and were immediately thankful we made the stop in. The walls were covered with greenery and paintings. Succulents and air plants of different shapes and textures lined the shelves. There were homemade jams and bath salts...and pots of all sizes made of concrete. After moving into our home, I made it priority to have plants. Sadly, I do not posses a green thumb, so succulents and air plants are what I have started with...Oh! and a Ginseng tree. I have managed to keep that alive too.

The succulents we had purchased some weeks back were starting to develop and we knew that new pots would be needed soon. After visiting William's shop we knew exactly where we would purchase them from. He had tall cement pots, round ones, ones dipped in water colors, others molded by juice bottles, some with sea glass with a variety of colors and others with only green. At the time, what Tyler and I had envisioned was not readily available. Despite this, William happily obliged to make custom pots which would be ready in two weeks or less. Let me tell you, it is one thing to find a beautiful gift of a store, its something completely different to then have the owner personally create exactly what you were looking for. I left an incredibly happy camper.

Our custom pots.

I sat down with William in his cozy shop on a Friday afternoon. He had an oil diffuser rolling and the lights turned off, allowing the natural sunlight to fill the room. I asked him to tell me about himself and asked the question that most, if not all Coloradans will ask you. Are you a Native?