Ready to have a life coach in your pocket and a posse that's got your back?


Are you ready to turn up the dial on your personal development and find your voice? Your authentic voice?


Are you ready to understand what it means to be your most authentic?


Most aligned?


Most empowered? 

This isn't about waving a magic wand for happiness, no ma'am, our lives are 50/50, we are indeed humans in the world. 

No, Queen, this is about becoming the women who sets a goal and achieves it. This is about becoming the woman who is creative, dreams big, is willing to go all in for her dreams and wants to see her blind spots.


This is for the woman who is ready to go to work, not just for herself but for her marriage, for her sister, for her community.


This is for the woman who knows that being her best self is important. She knows that this one life is precious and she isn't about to let it slip away, uncultivated, unadventured...she's done playing small. 

This is about cultivating mindsets, practices and relationships that feed and nurture. This is about re-writing old scripts and shedding what doesn't serve us. 

This is for you, Queen. 


What You Get

Monthly Coaching topic

We will cover topics from Mindfulness and Meditation to Having Tough Conversations, Vulnerability and Feminine Sexual Power. Topics are thoughtfully chosen to reflect the climate and needs of the community. As a coach for creative growth-minded women topics are always chosen to support the Queen you are and the Queen you are becoming. 

Weekly Group Coaching

Get direct coaching on the thoughts, habits, and situations in your life that you are ready to overcome or gain tools with. We will coach on everything from mind drama around social media to mother-in-law drama. The goal? To learn how to manage your mind in a way that allows you to access your highest self as often as possible. Again, we are humans, the goal is not perfection but rather intention, inner peace guided by faith and a deep self-confidence. Not ready to get coached live? Tune in live to learn from other women.

Guest speakers, teachers and coaches

Diversity is a must in all that I do, so anticipate fresh perspectives through various spiritual, mindset and therapy backgrounds to create a full platter of mindset, lifestyle, mind-body and spirituality tools to help you continue to access your best self.


Join for sisterhood like you have never experienced before. Queen & Spirit is focused on community, empowerment and diversity. Support each other in our private Facebook group, in community parties and out in the world! Find your badass, spiritually aligned, growth-minded tribe. 

Accountability work, journal prompts and bonuses!

Become your best self, find your new growth-minded, spiritual badass besties and up-level your mindset for $35/month*

*($35/month cost is Founder's Rate, available for a limited time)

Ready for the glow-up?