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Queen & Spirit

Personal development club for creative & entrepreneurial women

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I'm ready for new friends

Why can't I  stay motivated?

I'm ready to up-level and I want some guidance

How can I use meditation as a tool?

I'm exploring my relationship with spirituality...I like to think there is a Universe that loves and guides us

I have big dreams for my life and my business

I love to learn and don't want to settle for a lack-lustre life 

If you found yourself resonating with several of these thoughts... this club might be for you



1 Monthly Live Personal Development Workshop lead by Life Coach, Nandi Camille. Each month offers new topics, from setting boundaries to money, learn how to uncover the subconscious blocks keeping you from creating the results you want in your life. We focus on authenticity, alignment and abundance, no matter the topic!

1 Monthly Live Guided Meditation Join us as our very own Kaleigh of "A Magic Path" guides us each month in a live meditation where she teaches us how to use meditation as a tool for healing and guidance

1 Monthly Guest Teacher offering education on various areas from spirituality and manifestation to strengthening your intuitive skills, learning about all phases of your period or learning how to define your personal style. In Queen & Spirit we foster the whole woman.

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Monthly Workbook featuring thought-provoking journal work to hold you accountable and help you excavate  both your stale thoughts and deepest desires

Community calls fostering authentic conversation with creative women. Celebrate, get coached, support one another. 

Vault of classes to go back to and rewatch at any time!

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