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Women who refuse to play small, go through the motions or waste her one precious life. My clients are strong-willed, creative women who have big dreams and big hearts. 

Some of them, navigating divorce and building teams, others working corporate dream jobs and finding their voice as a leader, while some start coaching businesses or expand the creative business that they have.


My clients are women who want to face fear (goals, setting boundaries, rocky relationships, new jobs, big dreams) head on...but maybe not alone... and that is where I come in.

I am here to see your blind spots, your brain, your old stories and stale thoughts so I can understand what is getting in the way. I have a way of "listening in-between-the-lines" and helping my clients understand more clearly what they truly desire and what is keeping them from getting there. 

I teach women how to show up fully and proactively as exactly who they want to be... and know they are. Let's create a lifestyle, business, relationship you love, on purpose. It's time to take your power back.



I love my one-on-one coaching sessions with Nandi because I feel like I’m just chatting with a friend, yet I am always a better version of myself after each session. She not only helps me set clear, tangible goals for my business, she is also an unflinching source of positivity and light. I highly recommend her to everyone!

-Elle P. Freelance Illustrator & Owner of

Nandi Camille Life Coaching Elle Powell Art

What You Will Learn in Coaching

Mindfulness | The art of watching your mind and your thoughts. This is an essential part of my coaching...but it's looks and feel a little different than most think. Mindfulness is not always about getting quiet. In my coaching, I teach my clients how to be mindful, even amongst the noise. Mindfulness can be used as a tool in a variety of ways, however ultimately aides my clients in being able to live 1) more conscious and connected lives and 2) make decisions from a place of confidence and clarity.

Mindset | Similar to mindfulness, mindset takes it a step further. After looking at our thoughts, we have to decide what to do with them. Which ones do we keep? What old stale, stinky thoughts do we want to throw away? Who do I want to practice being? Mindset is HUGE for my clients as it takes us out of victim mode, gives us our power back and helps us literally change into the person we want to be.

Inspired Action | Time to get out of our heads and into the world! While writing affirmations, new thoughts and reflecting via journal prompts are incredibly fun work...we have to put it into action! Together I work with my clients to create clear and authentic action steps, named "growth-work" at the end of every session. It's time to blast past fear and claim your throne.

Bodywork | We live in our bodies, but we don't always use them. I teach clients how to form a deeper and more connected relationship with themselves and ultimately their bodies as I teach clients how to use their bodies as a decision-making and wellness tool when the mind is reciting old stories or projecting new fears. This one is one of my favorites!

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