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Ever feel "meh"? Out of whack? Discontent and don't know why? This my friend, is being out of alignment. What I want to do with you is ask you some questions and have some really inspired conversations about the things you are doing and the thoughts you are thinking that might be holding you back from feeling more joyful, connected and excited about your personal mission. Then I want to take it a step further with you and invite God/The Universe in a little bit more. 


This isn't about praying hard, believing hard and letting it all go - seeing what happens. This is about changing the way we think, behave, and believe in order to bring about our absolute bravest, most vulnerable, powerful and joyful selves. At home, in our businesses and in the world. 


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Fall Affirmations

Blog | September 2022

There is really no such thing as “fall affirmations”. Labeling it that way makes this article more searchable. You know, SEO. 


Rather, here are the affirmations that are especially serving me this fall. A mix of old ones and new, these affirmations help my mind to focus on where I am going and growing.


If you are familiar with affirmations, scroll down to read them. If you are new here, keep reading…


How Do Affirmations Work? 


What you are currently thinking and believing is driving your life. 


For example: 

I’ll never…

It’s always been this way.

I hate looking in the mirror, I don't like what I see. 

Another day at my stupid job.


…These are often unconscious affirmations we go on repeating for years and years, wondering why our lives won’t change. 


Remember: an affirmation is simply a belief and a belief is simply a thought we choose to think again and again.


To be honest, if you repeat affirmations, again and again but 

(a) do not actually care about what you are saying (saying “I am organized” but not actually wanting to become organized)

(b) do not actually believe what you are saying (saying “I am organized” but not believing you will ever actually become an organized person)

…they don’t actually do anything.


You must believe that even though I am not organized now it is possible for me to become an organized person. 


Therefore affirming: I am organized.


Even if you don’t have the evidence for what you want to believe in yet. (Yes, that means believing that you can sign 10 clients before you have signed one) by repeating and believing affirmations, we change the makeup of our brain. 




As we think and believe something, our behavior falls in line. As we repeatedly change our thoughts, feelings and behaviors we create new realities. Affirmations help us to intentionally get from where we are to where we want to be.


When you intentionally stop believing “I’m not as smart as Debbie, they like her better” and start believing “I am an intelligent employee, worthy of promotion” your behavior follows suit, and when your mind and behavior changes your life changes.


Ta-da! The power of affirmation. 


My Fall Affirmations


Everything is working out for my good


The universe conspires to support me


I have everything I need to be successful


I am early and on time to all of my events


I am so in love with my husband


My work and efforts are fruitful


I am clear and consistent


I follow through on what I say I will do


When I follow through I practice self-love


I am organized 


Pick what sticks to you or create your own! 


What do you think? 

Which affirmations did you choose? Did you learn something new Do you disagree? Send me an email at hello@nandicamille.com with the subj: Affirmations to share your thoughts or ask questions for the podcast!