It's your turn to thrive.

Hi! My name is Nandi (rhymes with Gandhi) and I am a Life Coach for creative women who are ready to change the way they do life, show up for themselves in a powerful way and be the happy human they know they are capable of being.


I work with women who want to grow, learn and leave this world better than how they left it; the creatives and entrepreneurs who see the world a little differently from others but seek to love this earth and all its perspectives all the same.

I coach women out of feeling stuck, women who crave connection with their most authentic self, who want to learn how to own their voice and those who simply want to up what's possible for their lives.

I dare women to dream and then dream bigger. 

Are you ready?

If You...


  • Are ready for powerful positive change

  • Want to move past your past & set new powerful habits

  • Want to gain the self-confidence to show up as your most authentic self

  • Are ready to level up your personal life in order to level up your business

  • Have big dreams/goals and want the mental tools to achieve them

  • Are ready to feel like YOU again

  • Know in your heart that the life you are currently living is not the life you are called to 
    (even if you don't' know where you are being called/ what your purpose is)

Coaching Can Help You...

  • Identify your limiting beliefs

  • Gain emotional freedom

  • Bolster your faith & confidence

  • Create a mental tool belt to help you bounce back quickly from setbacks

  • Call out and change ineffective physical and mental habits

  • Establish the mindset to make the dream life in your head a reality

  • Change the way your brain thinks, reacts and processes information to create your best life

  • Give you an amazing cheerleader and support system that always has you back!!

Work With Me

I started my coaching journey much before I even knew that I was coaching! Running a Ropes Challenge Course in Boca Raton for many years,  I have had the privilege to work with Jamba Juice, ESPN and countless halfway homes supporting and coaching both men and women through not only terrifying (for some) heights, but also a multitude of communication and leadership initiatives. As a Coach, I use the skills I learned coaching women to jump of 25-foot poles with clients; teaching mindset habits and encouraging my clients to show up in a way they never have before. Bolder, clearer, confident and happier than before. A coach offers a perspective that sees through your mind drama and into the person you truly are; powerful beyond measure. Are you ready?


On The Blog

One of the first steps to getting “unstuck” or “getting it together” whether that’s setting new goals, gaining more personal peace or somewhere in between, is being aware of and finding control over your thoughts. Why? Most of us are running on auto-pilot. Buddhists call this the “monkey mind” – thinking about dinner, how to get a promotion, the beach bod you’ll get in three months if you start now all while you’re trying to complete tasks at work...

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