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Hello & Welcome

I'm Nandi Camille

Ready to feel your best, get organized and take aligned action on your professional & personal goals?

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Believe Like a Boss

Each week, I'll teach you how to smash your goals & expand the possibility of your life through mindset management & spiritual alignment. 


"Decide on your dream life and say no to anything that does not align"


I specialize in mindfully bringing creative fempreneurs and high-achieving women back into alignment.

What do I mean by "back into alignment? Have you been feeling "meh"? Out of whack? Overwhelmed? Consistently frustrated with your lack of action or desired results?


This my friend, is the feeling is misalignment. What I want to do with you is ask you some questions and have some really inspired conversations about the things you are doing (action) and the thoughts you are thinking (mindset) that might be holding you back from feeling more joyful, connected and excited about your business, relationships and life goals.


This isn't about repeating affirmations you don't believe and faking positivity. This is about changing the way we think, behave and believe in order to bring about our absolute bravest, most vulnerable, powerful and joyful selves. At home, in our businesses and in the world.


Ready to BE the Boss you know you are?


Nandi Camille Life Coaching Elle Powell Art

I love my one-on-one coaching sessions with Nandi because I feel like I’m just chatting with a friend, yet I am always a better version of myself after each session. She not only helps me set clear, tangible goals for my business, she is also an unflinching source of positivity and light. I highly recommend her to everyone!

-Elle P. Freelance Illustrator & Owner of

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