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Personal Coaching

  • Identify your limiting beliefs so you can re-write and establish new ways of thinking and being that ultimately support your vision and goals

  • Gain emotional freedom through emotional intelligence. Learn how to flow with your emotions and use your emotions as guides.

  • Bolster your faith & confidence so you can take inspired action on your goals and personal initiatives

  • Create a mental tool belt to help you bounce back quickly from setbacks

  • Call out and change ineffective physical and mental habits so you can step back into alignment, abundance and flow

  • Establish the mindset to make the abundant dream life in your head a reality

  • Change the way your brain thinks, reacts and processes information to create your best life by learning about how your brain works

  • Have a cheerleader and spiritual guide in your pocket at all times with included text coaching in between sessions!


"I really liked how you broke down my limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and helped me come up with effective strategies to to re-frame them. I felt fired up after each of our conversations, eager to make changes in my life..." 

-Laura M.

Programs & Pricing

$5,000 for one year of weekly private coaching 



$2,500 for one year of bi-weekly private coaching
*payment plans available


  • Private weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions

  • Session Recordings

  • Weekly accountability work to keep you on track with your goals

  • Audio & Text coaching in between call

  • Included access to monthly coaching membership Queen & Spirit which includes four live monthly classes, class recordings (replays) from each month, a Facebook community of growth-minded women and community support where you can talk openly about your struggles, wins and everything in between

Want community AND personal development for the price of your girl's night out?! Check out my coaching membership Queen & Spirit

"After seeing her for just a short time I am happier than ever about my pregnancy & relationship. I’m confident about the direction my business is heading & have a whole new outlook on life...Thank you so much Nandi!"

Brittani J.

Ready for your free Discovery Call? 

A chance for us to get acquainted, and for you to test drive my coaching. Together we will review the various facets of your life and what you hope to get out of coaching. My hope is that you walk away feeling a little lighter and more clear than you did before.

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