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Bring your goals and aspirations and I'll teach you how to be the person who accomplishes them by teaching you how to notice and overcome limiting thought patterns and cultivate the confidence you need to make your vision come to life!

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3-Month Coaching Program

Next program begins February 2020!


  • Monthly coaching video teaching new concepts to help you curate a life you're obsessed with 

  • Monthly live Q&As where you will be able to get live coaching and/or watch other's get coached on a specific topic or problem

  • A community of women looking to up-level their lives, conquer their goals and offer each other encouragement along the way

  • Weekly reflection questions, initiatives and activities to keep you proactive in the healing process

  • New Results! Coaching is one of the best ways to create new results in your life. With the outside perspective of not only a coach but a community of loving women, you have access to a plethora of perspectives and new information...remember, if you knew how to move on (quickly), you would have done it already

  • Sharpen your ability to discern life decisions for yourself, execute on your goals and curate a life you are truly in awe of - yes, it's possible! 

  • Development of your self-awareness and an ability to witness your own thoughts. It takes practice and I will teach you how. Being aware of your thoughts is the first step to being able to take control of them. Remember: your thoughts create how you feel, which influences the actions you take. Learn how to believe thoughts that serve you ON PURPOSE.

"Nandi has a sensitivity and passion for others and their well-being. She is passionate about what she does and has a great sense of discernment when guiding someone through a situation. She has a gentle form of bringing in new perspective into a fixed situation and she is a great listener. She really shows me that she cares through her transparency of heart. Thank you Nandi"

Carolina P.

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