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Lifestyle Design
    6-week Group Coaching Program

Step out of auto-pilot, out of overwhelm, out of doubt and into your power, owning your voice, and deciding, ahead of time and on-purpose, the lifestyle you want and desire. In this course we take your power back and design a lifestyle authentic to you, using my 8 Cs of Creative & Conscious Living...

What To Expect

6 weeks of Reset

+ community check-ins through the end of 2023

I have taken the most common pain points of the students and clients I have worked with over the past 12 years, and put them into pillars for personal, positive & proactive (not reactive) success.


While the pillars may stay the same, the way each person interprets them is entirely their own...and that's the magic of this process.

Each week you will receive access to your weekly coaching video on the pillar or pillars or the week. Watch this video and do the associated growth work at your own pace. 

Each Sunday afternoon join your group coaching call to unpack and discuss the pillar(s) discussed in your teaching video as well as any personal discoveries you cam across when doing the growth work. This is a great time to ask questions, get coached live, go deeper, brainstorm ideas for our own lifestyle design, receive sound advice from those in your arena and celebrate wins. Calls are recorded and sent to the group.


Come in with an open mind, a desire for change a willingness to create new results and with me and your new like-minded boss queens, learn how to intentionally and deliberately create a life you love, on your own terms, gain the confidence to take action on your dreams and understand how your brain works and how to navigate yourself back to creative and proactive (instead of anxious, hopeless and overwhelmed) at any moment. 

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Breaking Down the Pillars​

  • Creative | This is where you get to know and own your authentic vision and voice. What do you love? What makes you come alive? During this week we PLAY and get to know ourselves a little better so we can more honestly honor the season we are in.

  • Clear & Concise | One of the biggest drama triggers around is uncertainty. In this week we learn how to make decisions from an intuitive place using tools such as journaling and bodywork.

  • Conscious & Curating | In the same way that a gallery curator handpicks their artwork, you will learn how to hand-pick the various elements of your life with more intention, connection and mindfulness. Learn how to live an extraordinary life without all the drama (*cough* fear) and with a little more fun.

  • Communicate | Communication is in many ways, the bedrock or foundation of a lifestyle well-lived. We communicate our ideas to friends and coworkers, spouses and siblings...more often though it is the ideas and thoughts that we do NOT communicate that leave us feeling isolated, frustrated or unimportant. In this week I give tools for communicating authentically, even when that means setting boundaries

  • Consistent | In this week we talk about the importance of consistency, having your own back, and either holding yourself accountable or having an accountability system (such as this program). Get ready, it's time to get motivated and take some inspired action! 

  • Confident | Time to level up! Having the knowledge, the plan and the tools is one thing...stepping into it fully, showing up in the world as your best self (even when it feels scary or vulnerable) is another. In this week we will talk about what gets in the way of our most confident selves and create mantras for our level up! My formula for confidence? consistency + trust.

Tools we will cover...

  • As if energy

  • Taking Inspired Action

  • Coming Home to Yourself

  • Setting Boundaries 

  • Body as intuition

  • Mindfulness 

  • Meditation
    ...And more!

Ready to refresh, reset and reflect?
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What women are saying...

- Desiree G, Life Coach Rooted by Des


I really loved the mindset and wellbeing coaching/activity components. For example, the times where we would be asked to journal during the calls were really helpful for me...Thank you again for being a radiant light for all of us ladies and for creating this safe space for us to dive in and explore ourselves and our dreams. I had such an incredible experience these past 6 weeks, and I can't believe it is already coming to an end! 

-Nicole M, Creative Designer

Kiyomi L, Mental Health & Relationship Coach, Founder of Awaken Into Love ROCD Coaching

The Lifestyle Design Mastermind set me up with the foundation I was needing to design the life I want to live. Nandi not only put together a great program but she's also there to support you 100% along the way. Before joining the Lifestyle Mastermind Design program with Nandi, I was feeling stuck, burnt out and had lost focus on what I wanted for my life. Afterwards, I feel amazing and have realigned with what's most important to me, know where to focus my energy and have the tools to get myself back on track if I get stuck again."

-Stephanie A, Human Resources Manager

Summer-Fall 2023 Schedule

Group Coaching Call Schedule

20 August (Sunday): Welcome Call
27 August (Sunday): Coaching Call - Week 1
6 September (Wednesday): Coaching Call - Week 2
10 September (Sunday): Coaching Call - Week 3
17 September (Sunday): Coaching Call - Week 4
27 September (Wednesday): Coaching Call -  Week 5
1 October (Sunday): Coaching Call - Week 6

12 November (Sunday): Check-in & Accountability Call
10 December (Sunday): Check-in & Accountability Call 

Sunday Calls 3pm PST | 4pm MDT | 5pm CST | 6pm EST
Wednesday Calls 5:30 pm | PST 6:30 pm MDT | 7:30 pm CST | 8:30 pm EST

Location: Zoom



Early Bird Pricing!!! 
$888 in full
+ Bonus for paying in full! 3 private 1:1 Life Coaching Calls

3 payments of $296.00

Early bird sale ends Friday July 21st at midnight!!

After the Early Bird Sale - 

$1,111.00 in full
+ Bonus for paying in full! 3 private 1:1 Life Coaching Calls
3 payments of $370.00

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