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"Decide on your dream life and say no to anything that does not align"


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Ropes Course to Life Coach

I got my start on Florida Atlantic University's Ropes Course in 2011. At the time, Delray Beach, our neighbouring town, boasted being the half-way home capital of the United States. Hosting a ropes challenge course just next door meant working with hundreds of teens and young adults battling with substance, emotional and drug abuse, finding their voice and re-establishing their identities. While I did not know it at the time, I was quickly falling in love with coaching...working with people in a way that my education degree did not.


 After many years of sending men and women up and down 25-foot climbing elements and through on the ground initiatives, I have taken my skills into Life Coaching, helping women create clear and authentic vision for their lives, relationships and businesses.


On a mission to foster abundant and authentic living, I focus on helping creative & entrepreneurially spirited women to show up in the world the way they want to. Whether it's healing through a romantic separation, cultivating an abundant mindset or creating the vision for your YouTube channel, together we will up-level your thinking and habits so you can ultimately up-level your entire life. 



"My overwhelm and chaos has morphed into inspiration, traction, and direction. She's a friend, coach, guide, sounding board and cheerleader that I can't stop talking about...invest in yourself. You're worth it!"

Kaleigh H.

Believe Like a Boss Podcat Nandi Camille

Ready for your glow-up?


Join me every week for a new episode of Believe Like a Boss my personal development podcast for creative & spiritual women focused on living their most expansive, authentic and abundant lives.

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"Nandi is one of the most peacefully positive influential souls I have ever met! You will not be disappointed."

Samantha F. 

Book Your Free Discovery Call 

What is a discovery call? A chance for us to get acquainted, and for you to test drive my coaching. Together we will review the various facets of your life and what you hope to get out of coaching. My hope is that you walk away feeling a little lighter than you did before.

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