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However you ended up here, thank you for stopping by. Thank you for taking the time to honor yourself and your curiosity. Thank you for taking a moment to do some research for yourself. It's honestly a big deal.


I specialize in bringing women back into alignment, but what exactly does that mean?


Ever feel "meh"? Out of whack? Discontent and don't know why? This my friend, is being out of alignment. What I want to do with you is ask you some questions and have some really inspired conversations about the things you are doing and the thoughts you are thinking that might be holding you back from feeling more joyful, connected and excited about your personal mission. Then I want to take it a step further with you and invite God/The Universe in a little bit more. 


This isn't about praying hard, believing hard and letting it all go - seeing what happens. This is about changing the way we think, behave, and believe in order to bring about our absolute bravest, most vulnerable, powerful and joyful selves. At home, in our businesses and in the world. 


Ready to bloom? 


"You can be messy, complicated and afraid. Show up anyway.

-Glennon Doyle

M Y  S T O R Y

Years ago, after terrible heartbreak and my parent's divorce (which as it turns out, is hard at any age), I was an absolute wreck. I overcompensated by saying yes to every opportunity presented to me, working three jobs all while earning my degree as a full-time student in college. My grades fell dramatically and I risked getting kicked out of University. I was miserable, depressed, anxious, having panic attacks more often then anyone should and felt truly hopeless. 


At some point in all of the mess, I realized that I had to make a choice. Either I was going to flounder and throw my future away, give up...or I was going to make a change and find my happy again. Find me. Under the yuck and the despair, I knew joy was buried deep down.


It is since then that I have fallen in love, head over heels, with self-care, with the pursuit of personal happiness, with wellness, with God and with coaching.  I feel called to share what I have learned and continued to learn with others through coaching. I aim to be a friend in the process of self-healing and re-discovery, listening deeply to what it is your soul is crying out for and helping you to identify how to get you from where you are now, to where your spirit longs to be. And guess what, I used both a coach and a therapist in my own journey, now its my turn to give back to you.


If any of this sounds true for your life, a deep need for change and refreshment, a re-claiming of happiness, Please click on the button below to schedule your free one hour discovery call, find a blog post that may answer a need and take a deep breath. 




How Life Coaching Works

1.Do your research and Decide you want it

Not every life coach is a good fit for everybody. We are each gifted beliefs, backgrounds, and a variety of learning environments throughout our lives. Do your research and ensure that the coach you are hiring represents the niche you need. Equally as important, ensure that it is life coaching that you need. Life Coaches meet you where you are. Based on your current situation, your current lifestyle and your current goals we work with you to harness all that is within and around you to manifest the life you dream of. Consider seeing a counsellor or therapist when dealing with abuse, and mental illness.

2. Make a move

3. Commit to your future self

Once you have decided that Life Coaching is indeed what you'd like to pursue and have pinpointed one or three coaches you are interested in working with - make a move! It is common for Life Coaches to offer a free discovery call or introductory session to simply get to know you and make sure that you are also a good fit for them. This is important. Be conscious and intentional about the coach that you choose. Listen to your body and your intuition. This is an investment in your well-being. Take it seriously or you are simply wasting your time. 

Yay! You have chosen a coach who has also chosen you. You've made the discovery call and made introductions. If you haven't already done so, make the decision to commit. Commit to the beautiful future self that you envision, surrender to your dreams, and commit to being open minded. Believe with an expectant heart that you are more than capable and that the Universe has equipped you for fantastic things! Do it. Truly...and reap all of the soul filling benefits!

In our one on one sessions, we will identify limiting thoughts and habits, create space for authentic and specific-to-you healing, and outline thoughtful and powerful goals together.

Take your business to the next level


Find your daily joy again


Learn to listen to your intuition 


Find inner peace and connection with the Universe

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