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SHINE with Salon Noëlle

Have you ever heard of the app, Shapr? It’s basically Tinder for entrepreneurs. I joined hoping I could find a mentor to assist me in my blogging/writing/marketing processes and along the way I was introduced to a videographer. We decided to meet for coffee and chat about how we could potentially work together and support each other’s businesses. I’m still learning the Denver area every day, hence why I love writing about it, so as I went to park and walk to Nixon’s Coffee Shop my eyes were elated to see all the colorful businesses surrounding it. One in particular caught my eye on my walk to the coffee shop; a little place called SHINE with Salon Noëlle. The windows were filled with beautiful garments and a lovely energy seemed to seep out the front door. I knew it couldn’t be ignored…and I was so incredibly right.

Meet Noelle.

I would describe the owner of SHINE with Salon Noëlle as what could easily be explained as “Beauty walking”. Having dealt with moving from a darling Cherry Creek location to the basement of her home (by fault of a shady landlord), and having cutting off her marriage engagement while raising her 3 ½ year old son, it was no small endeavor to figure out how she was going to turn it all around. Despite the hard season she had been handed, Noelle says she decided to “get over resentment and anger” and create a new, fresh, warm and welcoming space of her own.

She signed her lease in June of 2016. At the time of signing Noelle had no electricity, a blank canvas and a head full of outrageous dreams. She asked friends and family to bring in song lyrics, words of wisdom and poetry to be written all over the walls and floors. She later painted over them to create a space of healing, and warmth. Without knowing it, when you walk into SHINE with Salon Noëlle you are being showered with love. Makes you want to step into her boutique and salon right now, huh?

Noelle says that she worked really hard on creating energy. From the lovely wording beneath the paint of her shop to the synergy between her supporting staff, Noelle made sure that in all aspects she was creating a home for love, healing and only the brightest energy. Becoming a business owner, and even one as beautiful as Noelle’s still has its trials. She explained to me the feeling of “impostership” when she was starting, or feeling like “you cannot do this”, “people will see right through you and ultimately see that you’re just winging it” … which honestly, at first, most business owners are! Despite this, Noelle has pressed on with her dream, giving up her paycheck and moving into her establishment. Don’t worry! You won’t see her bed in the middle of the boutique! She and her son have made a home in the back of her shop as she was blessed to be dual zoned for retail as well as residential.

SHINE with Salon Noëlle has truly fostered a community. Noelle hosts a variety of events ranging from yoga & wine nights to psychic readings. Not only does the space boast beautiful apparel options in the boutique space, but Noelle has stayed true to her styling roots, offering a full selection of hair styling options! They have recently started offering facial services and would love to be the host of your next baby shower or engagement party! You will know from the moment that you enter that SHINE with Salon Noëlle is a space of true beauty.

Noelle is now the happiest she has ever been, elated with the fact that she gets to “dress up with [her] friends all day long”. If you are in a tough season or a season of doubt, and if you are afraid of the grand dreams of in head, my advice to you is to allow yourself to move past the fear and into the life you imagine. It will take hard work, a sleepless night or two and oodles of effort, but take it from Noelle and remember “this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine”.



P.S. Noelle and I will be partnering together to host an Alice's Table event on June 5th Click here for details!

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