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Accountability Club

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Are you ready for change? Tired of feeling stuck? Behind? Frustrated with your current results? Ready to complete what you have started? Change your reality? Upgrade your results?

Accountability Club was designed after years of working one-on-one with career-driven women and creative entrepreneurs who desire more alignment, fun, and—let’s be frank—money in their lives! This class offers a structured and supportive environment where you can set clear goals, stay focused, and achieve the success you've been striving for.

Whether you're looking to advance in your career, launch a new project, or simply bring more joy and balance into your life, our Accountability Club provides the tools, strategies, and community support you need to turn your aspirations into reality. Join us and transform your dreams into accomplishments!

What To Expect

What should I expect by joining Accountability Club?


Biweekly Accountability calls covering our personal goals, tools for achieving them and highlights from assigned reading. 

A community of forward-focused, personal-development loving, kind-hearted women to lift you up and cheet you on.

A monthly newsletter containing...

  • A New set of journal prompts sent the first Sunday of the month

  • A monthly theme of focus,

  • Your upcming club meeting dates,

  • and assigned reading for the month. 

Monthly themes:

July - self image and self esteem 

August - defining success 

September - decision making 

October - habits & consistency 

November - building meaningful 


December - showing up as your future self

What you will learn:

  • The alignment checklist, created by Life Coach Nandi Camille 

  • How to manage your mind and make decisions from an intuitive, aligned and empowered place 

  • How to speak up in an aligned, direct and kind manner that allows you to be clear about your wants, say no to what is not serving you, navigate hard conversations and ask for what you really want/need 

  • How to spot and re-write limiting beliefs that are no longer serving you using mindset and mindfulness based coaching techniques 

  • How to incorporate new ways of thinking about money, abundance and calling in new levels/lifestyles when you are ready to expand beyond your current reality 

  • Special masterclasses from Guest Speakers


What you will walk away with: 

  • A new community of empowerment-minded women to keep you accountable for life

  • An understanding of what it means for you to be in alignment versus out of alignment, and how to recalibrate 

  • Tools for bouncing back from setback, navigating hard conversations and becoming your most confident self

  • A plan for your goals and how to accomplish them in a way that feels holistic, proactive and fun! 

  • Practice stating aloud and following through on your desires, goals and to-do list 

  • The confidence to continue working towards your ideals, with our without your accountability crew!













12/10: Last Call - Graduation!


All packages include:

Monthly newsletter with journal prompts, reading schedule, and bi-weekly accountability calls.


$150/month or $800 in full |  Journal prompts and accountability calls only. No power hour, live guided meditations or guest master classes. 



$250/month or $1,400.00 in full | All of the above (plus monthly meditation + additional bonuses below!)



$350/month or $2,000 in full | All of the above plus one 30 minute 1:1 coaching session per month (6 sessions total + additional bonuses below!)

Additional Bonuses for Boss and VIP packages:

  • Boss & VIP Bonus: Monthly meditation and journal power hour

  • Boss & VIP Bonus: Bonus Masterclasses hosted by Guest Speaker(s)

  • VIP Only: Monthly 30-minute coaching call + 20% off any life coaching package when you pay in full (discount valid for purchase through entire coaching program) 

Grow Your Vision

Initially, I connected with Nandi for help building a business. What I received far exceeded my expectations! When I judged myself, she taught me to celebrate myself for being aware of who I’m not! When I felt misaligned, she provided me with tools that brought me back to who I’ve always been. When I doubted myself, she helped me remind myself of how worthy and capable I am of achieving my goals. No words can truly express my gratitude for Nandi and how she has changed my life. I am now the proud owner of my own LLC, actively taking clients as a Spacial Life Coach, and am literally seeing my dreams unfold before my eyes. 

- Elle McClain, Spacial Life Coach & Interior Designer

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