Personal Coaching

If You...


  • Are ready for powerful & positive change

  • Want to move past your past & set new powerful habits

  • Want to gain the self-confidence to show up as your most authentic self

  • Are ready to level up your personal life in order to level up your business

  • Have big dreams/goals and want the mental tools to achieve them

  • Are ready to feel like YOU again

  • Know in your heart that the life you are currently living is not the life you are called to 
    (even if you don't' know where you are being called/ what your purpose is)

Coaching Can Help You...

  • Identify your limiting beliefs

  • Gain emotional freedom

  • Bolster your faith & confidence

  • Create a mental tool belt to help you bounce back quickly from setbacks

  • Call out and change ineffective physical and mental habits

  • Establish the mindset to make the abundant dream life in your head a reality

  • Change the way your brain thinks, reacts and processes information to create your best life

  • Give you an amazing cheerleader and support system that always has you back!!

Coaching Includes

  • weekly 1-hour sessions

  • emailed follow-ups that include session recording for video calls

  • weekly initiatives for accountability

  • voice message/text support in between calls

  • discounts on all of my events and courses

My promise: To give you the tools and support you need to feel better, live with intention and show up as woman you want to become. 


6 months of coaching: $3,000

24 weekly sessions

Payment Plan Options:

5 monthly payments of $500

8 monthly payments of $375

6 months of coaching: $1,500

12 weekly sessions

Payment Plan Options:

3 monthly payments of $500

5 monthly payments of $300

"After seeing her for just a short time I am happier than ever about my pregnancy & relationship. I’m confident about the direction my business is heading & have a whole new outlook on life...Thank you so much Nandi!"

Brittani J.

Ready for your free Discovery Call? 

A chance for us to get acquainted, and for you to test drive my coaching. Together we will review the various facets of your life and what you hope to get out of coaching. My hope is that you walk away feeling a little lighter and more clear than you did before.